About This Resource

Ready For My Refugee Hearing aims to empower every person seeking refugee protection in Canada to be as prepared as possible for their refugee hearing. It brings together two successful programs aimed at achieving this mission: The Preparation Guide and READY Tours.


READY Tours began in 2008 as a collaborative initiative between Kinbrace, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada – Refugee Protection Division (IRB-RPD Western Region). The idea was simple: welcome refugee claimants into the hearing rooms, provide them with good information, and allow for questions and answers. Since then, thousands of refugee claimants and service providers have personally participated in the READY Tour learning experience, thanks to the support of partner agencies across the country who facilitated replication of the program.

The Preparation Guide originated in 2010 as an easy-to-read pamphlet for refugee claimants attending READY Tours in Vancouver. Its popularity, and the discussions it spurred, led to the creation, in 2014, of an expanded 48-page educational resource, written with the support of lawyers, artists, writers, service providers, and the Law Foundation of BC. It is now available in 11 languages, adapted to the six regions in Canada where refugee determinations are made.

These programs were brought together in the Ready For My Refugee Hearing resource in 2017 to better reach refugee claimants through streamlined interaction with information, processes, and service providers.

This resource for refugee claimants is driven by these commitments:

Relevant – We educate in context with up-to-date, accurate information.

Personal – We connect refugee claimants to experts who are skilled to help.

Accessible – We make Canada’s inland refugee protection system more comprehensible and approachable.

Collaborative – We work in trusting and professional relationships with people in government, non-government, and intergovernmental agencies.

About Kinbrace


Based in Vancouver, BC, the Kinbrace community welcomes refugee claimants in Canada with community-based housing, a network of supportive relationships, and uniquely designed education resources. Our vision for each refugee claimant is a world of welcome, a community of belonging, and a life of opportunity.

Our Partners

Thank you to the following agencies, funders, and supporters who make the programs of Ready For My Refugee Hearing possible.